French Friday – Proverbs

Eiffel Tower
I took this picture leaning well back on the 2nd stage of the Eiffel Tower. I rather liked the perspective. Ah…April in Paris!

I have in my possession a book entitled “101 French Proverbs”. Now I am not sure if all of these proverbs are in regular use in France. I know I also found that my book of Japanese proverbs only elicited looks of blank incomprehension from the Japanese people I tested them upon so perhaps I shall be causing the same effect on those people of much more superior French than I by quoting here.

I know that many “young people” these days seems to have no idea about what used to be common English proverbs and so I quote these French sayings for their quaintness rather than their currency.

Il y a plus d’un âne à la foire qui sappelle Martin

Literal Translation: There is more than one donkey in the market place called “Martin”

English Equivalent: Don’t jump to conclusions

I like this one as it seems to imply that Donkeys in France are regularly named “Martin” and that you would be intent on actually finding one in the first place.

Qui se ressemble s’assemble

Literal Translation: Those who resemble, assemble

English Equivalent: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I like this one for its neatness and also because it rhymes.

Un chien regarde bien un évêque

Literal Translation: A dog may well look at a Bishop

English equivalent: A cat may look at a king

Kings and bishops may well sit on their thrones but we can look at them….

Hmmm…I think I would rather sit on a throne.


Bon Weekend Mes Amis!


    1. Glad you enjoyed these highly useful quotes. I am sure you will be dropping them into your conversations next time you appear as the natural ornament of glittering high society. 🙂


      1. Now I’m snorting with laughter–you’re too hilarious! With my inept social skills, I’d probably mumble something that translates, “show me to the bleu cheese and crackers–s’il vous plait.”

        Liked by 1 person

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