Oops-Lazy Sunday

Broken Windscreen
Once a windscreen – Now High Art

I found the remains of a windscreen on our verge. As thankfully it did not belong to any of our vehicles I wonder what transpired in the “wee small hours” and also the fact that I obviously sleep so soundly that the sounds of shattering windscreens have no effect on me whatsoever. I now expect to wake up to find and “intruder” has rifled my drawers without me registering the slightest interest.

A local spotty youth was also marveling at the windscreen and I heard him telling his crony about it in the charming vernacular…

“We like go out to our like car and it’s like “Whoa dude!” someone’s gone and like smashed a window coz it’s like on the verge. And then I was like “Dude! Where’s the car?” and then we like went inside again coz me mate had to go up the bottle-o to get some more vodka coz Dazza like drank it all.”

And into this next generation’s hands I have to pass the responsibility for my aged care! Kill me! Kill me now!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!


  1. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! I’m laughing at the end, though truly it is a bit scary…I guess we can hope it’s a “phase” they’ll mature out of, gain some mastery of language at least…. I’m also concerned about you sleeping so soundly you might be shot dead in your bed, none the wiser. I’m a born worry-wart, and care about my distant friends: extra locks on the doors, windows, TJ!

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    1. Thanks so much for your concern. As my friends refer to the house as “Fort Knox” I suspect they see my security as adequate. The youths in questions, while inarticulate, are harmless and only occasionally wander up and down the street drunk. 🙂


  2. HahaHA! I am sorry to laugh, but it hysteria that you are so right! God help us all when we get older.The language I can deal with as most of them only seem to talk like it when they are with their friends. My daughter was trying out her street talk or whatever you call it, on me, and kept calling me ‘bruv’ which made me furious, as does the way she says ‘sanink’ (something) . I fear I m already turning into an old git!

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    1. I think I was born a grumpy old man. I got called “pops” recently which made me feel extra decrepit and and Aussie kids refer to everything that is good as “siiiiick!” which I find really annoying. I can’t wait to get one of those old people scooters so I can knock people down in the shopping mall. It is important to have goals to strive for don’t you think?

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      1. Ha HAHA! Oh, I did laugh at someone daring to call you ‘Pops’!!! I love your aim to run people over with your old age scooter. I want one of those shopping trolleys on wheels that old ladies have, so I can barge my way around running it up the backs of people’s heels!

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        1. Such noble sentiments dear Ms Episodes. We could start a society where you send out members in packs with walking frames, trolleys and scooters to wreak havoc in public places. 🙂

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