A Lowenbrau Christmas

Oxford Street Scene
All the twins wanted for Christmas was a new bike. Great Aunt Eunice’s famous egg-nog gave them so much more.

“Here, try this.” Great Aunt Eunice handed Grandpappa a glass of her “famous” egg-nog. Grandpappa sipped appreciatively…egg, cream, and equal parts rum and “Dr Macreedy’s Horse Liniment”.

“Delicious!” he sighed and instantly passed out on the sofa.

“We will leave some for Santa with a cookie!” said little Wendy pouring the potent beverage into a large tumbler.

Little Wendy, The Danger Twins, Great Aunt Eunice, Mother and Grandmamma and Grandpappa Lowenbrau awoke on Christmas Morning to find the egg nog gone and a scene of general devastation. Most of the presents bore large boot marks. The tree was sticking half out of the window and a brand new tandem bike was wedged up the chimney.

“Someone’s been sick in my stocking!” wailed little Wendy.

Mrs Planchette from number 42 reported later to the police that a large man in red fell off the back of a sleigh driving erratically over “The Hog and Brickbat”. The proprietors also found a huge bottom-shaped hole in their slates…and a cookie.

“Well that is just typical.” Sighed Mother.


Very best wishes to you all this Christmas season!

Many thanks and seasons greetings to Priceless Joy whose Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers has given me the chance to unleash my “inner whimsy” during the year. The photo at the top of the post is of a charming streetscape I photographed in Oxford in Summer. It is where I see the Lowenbraus living in my mind’s eye. The photo prompt below was provided by Priceless Joy from Pixabay.





  1. I love your streetscape photo! Merry Christmas to you too TJ! Your story is hilarious! I immediately knew it wasn’t good when it said that Dr. Macreedy’s Horse Liminent was added to egg nog! Hahaha! Cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Anyway…Santa obviously has no willpower when it comes to the demon drink given how many glasses he apparently consumes over the evening. Not that I am judging…poor sad man…:)

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I hope no poor little kiddies have had their illusions shattered! If any kids are reading this, Santa is a lovely white haired gentlemen who loves to give presents…not a belligerent philandering dipsomaniac. Happy holidays! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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