You Ham!

Christmas Ham
OK so I went a little over the top with my ham display…but hey! I made it!

Today you great ham

Sing the sentimental songs

Lapped up at Christmas


It’s a haiku to my Christmas ham! First time I’ve ever tried doing one and it looks like it worked! No idea how it tastes but the glaze is basically maple syrup and orange marmalade so I can’t imagine it will be vile. While waiting for it to cool down I wrote this haiku and took a few snaps to record this great achievement.

Apologies to my none-ham eating friends. Please enjoy the old water jug filled with flowers and the vintage ukulele and balalaika which I provided as a distraction from my porcine preoccupation.

This is the second round of haiku for Ronovan Writes Prompt “Song and Day”


  1. Now this is spectacular!! And I’m certain your ham is equally so! Very glad to see the uke, as mentally I live in Hawaii year-round. Gorgeous photo, fabulous haiku–wishing you the BEST Christmas EVER!

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    1. Thanks so much for you lovely wishes. ☺ I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas day and that the new year is filled with blessings. ☺


        1. Oh I say! How very gourmet! Sounds utterly delicious. Hope the day is truly wonderful. Off to brave the shops for some last minute shopping. I will try hard to spread messages of sweetness and light as I barge my way through the crowds scrabbling for the last of the dinner rolls. 🙂


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