The Lowenbrau and the Death Star

Royal Show Perth Western Australia
Perth Royal Show
People Spin About in the blue. A photo I took this September at our yearly Agricultural Show.

Little Wendy, Grandmamma and Grandpappa Lowenbrau,The Danger Twins, Great Aunt Eunice and Mother wandered about the Agricultural fair, Little Wendy clutching the huge carton of mango and raisin yoghurt she had won in the Dairy Pavilion coconut shy.
“Wendy dear, that yogurt will be “off” if you don’t put it in the esky!” scolded Grandmamma Lowenbrau.
“Tut tut tut” said Great Aunt Eunice.
The Danger Twins dragged them to the central attraction.
“The Death Star” raised people to an immense height and then spun them about at a sickening pace. Naturally the children joined the queue.
As Little Wendy was strapped in, the attendant heard a distinct “squelch”.
The ride began to spin to a blur…
Those looking up suddenly saw the star turn into a sprinkler as smelly gobbets of yellow and brown rained down onto the crowd who, naturally assuming the worst, started being violently ill until the entire fair was awash with sick.
“My Yogurt!” wailed little Wendy whose prize had escaped her poncho.
“Well that is just typical!” sighed Mother


Many thanks to Priceless Joy for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge and to Sonya of Only 100 Words for the photo prompt below.


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