Wildflower Wednesday – Geraldton Wax

Jarrahdale wildflowers
These little white flowers are called Geraldton Wax and look as though they are delicately fashioned from candle wax. A photo I took in Jarrahdale Western Australia

Went off the beaten track for a little explore of a nearby national park. These little flowers are the last reminders of spring as the Perth summer bakes the trees and shrubs. A local winery was closed for the Christmas season but a pair of inquisitive kangaroos kindly posed for a picture by the gate.

jarrahdale winery (Large)
These two kangaroos obviously did not expect company. I was taken with the impressive eyebrows of the one on the right.



        1. Sorry! It has been very hectic here with family visiting, my daughter is a singer in her spare time and I was helping her with a concert prep as well as overindulging in new year festivities so got behind on my comments. I love your trio of haiku.


          1. No worries at all, TJ–my memory’s so bad that I thought I’d just forgotten how you work the blogs–it’s not hardly a crucial matter. I didn’t realize your daughter is a concert singer–very impressive!! I’ll bet she’s gorgeous as well 🙂

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          2. She has a very good alto voice and of course I think she is lovely. She was just singing at a retirement village because although a young lady she loves the “oldies” too.


          3. Now that is hilarious!–the phrase, not your talent being passed down to her!! It also brings to mind a quote from a favorite John Candy movie: “I have a black belt…and the boots to match”.

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