Surreal Thursday – Antelope

Dali Melting Clock
I took this picture in the Dali Museum in Montmartre. This bronze version of Dali’s melting clock with Dali looking out through the photo frame had a distinctly surreal quality.

In a new glass sporran

Place a year old memory

Take four bison right

Firstly, as it is about to become 2016 I would like to say “Antelope”. Having said this I will now affirm that Aquarius is the land of the cat and that free moustaches will be distributed to all those answering to the name of Gwendoline (or Colin spelled with a circumflex.)

If you do not fit into the above category then it is your prerogative to throw question marks at the milkman or semicolons can be deposited in the communal inkwell.

Take a sonnet and filter out the iambic pentameter, add three saffron stems and mix with a photograph of a photograph. Strain again through a mirror and put the remainder into a small melon. Throw this instantly into your neighbour’s subconscious and saturate a pelican with the remaining liquid.

All of the above shows that Surrealism and insanity are very difficult to distinguish without a flamingo.

Consequently, have an insanely good new year all you lovely people! Much love, respect and left foot shoe lasts to you all!

Normal communications will be restored in 2016.

TJ Paris



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