French Friday – Bonne année

Hôtel de Ville - Door
On the 9th Thermidor Year II, Robespierre was shot in the jaw and arrested in the Hôtel de Ville with his followers marking the end of the Terror.

I opened the door with a smile

To welcome in the new year

Only to find

It had knocked and run away

Bonne année mes Amis!

Welcome to the first French Friday of 2016!

Doors open and close. They are the pathway to new adventures. Doors can be ornate or humble, prosaic or wonderfully romantic.

This is a little gallery of doors from my French adventures.

I hope the doors that open in your life this year all  lead to happy adventures and safe places of warmth and love.

If you would like to write a post about a door or entrance that caught your eye in France then please do share your link in the comments so others can enjoy your images and stories.



  1. The door of controversy is just too awesome. Love to have it (including the surrounding wall frame) for my home, leaving everything else the same. 🙂

    And like you said, the asymentery and color of the yellow door of Rhennes is spectacular.

    Splendid poem, indeed. Story of my life, maybe? 🙂

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