You are so last year!

Pocket Watch
The Countdown is on! Happy 2016

It is now 1.05 am in Perth Western Australia on the 1st of January 2016.

This is the one time I can use the phrase…

America and Europe are just sooooo last year. (until they too reach the magical 12.00am)

Until then I can gloat about being a member of an advanced civilisation well ahead of its time.

May 2016 be filled with joy, laughter, generosity of spirit and kindness.



    1. And a most wonderful 2016 to you too.☺just awaking from a Pimms and lemonade induced coma. I am afraid that the thought of mushy peas at the moment does not fill me with envy. ☺

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  1. Gorgeous timepiece, TJ! Tonight I’ll be enjoying the fireworks at Seattle’s Space Needle–but from the warm comfort of my living room. Do y’all have fireworks for New Year’s Down Under? Take care of your head… 🙂 (I won’t talk about food till you’re feeling better.)

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    1. Hope that the fireworks were lovely. We have a total fireban at the moment so fireworks are no go. As it was my family had to come back from a function another way due to a bush fire and a factory near where I was visiting friends went up in flames. Certainly not as nice as fireworks. Hope you are already starting 2016 wonderfully well. 🙂


      1. How unfortunate, TJ. I watched the news which featured displays around the world–I had thought Australia was included, but I guess I was mistaken. We had clear skies for Seattle’s beautiful show at the Space Needle–but I must be getting really old, as the music was terrible! Maybe I should write the mayor and request “oldies” for next year 🙂

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        1. Sydney has a spectacular fireworks display but is 2000 miles or so away from Perth so we watch it on TV too. I can sympathise with the music…I think “classic” is better than “Oldies”. 🙂


          1. I agree with you–“classic” is always superior, and one year we did have that; but if that’s not on the menu, “oldies” are at least familiar, nostalgic 🙂 And one year they did “movie themes” which was enjoyable 🙂

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          2. That sounds more like it. I am afraid “rap” or what they seem to refer to as “R and B” these days leaves me cold.


    1. Welcome to 2016. I think you did the right thing to drink the Prosecco. It took me most of today to recover from actually staying up to 12. Very best wishes!


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