Haiku – Still Forest

Jarrahdale Treescape
This forest in Jarrahdale Western Australia was at its best when we visited in summer

In the vast forest

You can clearly hear your thoughts

Rustling the leaves

It is that time of the week for RonovanWrites Haiku promts and this week the words are “Vast” and “Clear”

We recently went to a forest near to Perth and wandered about. It was morning and surprisingly cool, the dappled light sifted through the trees and the uniform dark trunks, blackened by fires of the past stood starkly up from the carpet of gum leaves. We were the only ones there and the sense of calm stillness was quite beautiful.


      1. Happy New year TJ 😀
        I was looking at it and this came to me:

        The forest is calm
        brown and crunchy tapestry
        an afraid hedgehog


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        1. Lovely! Here in Perth Western Australia it is more likely to be an echidna which I suppose is like the dinosaur version of a hedgehog. 🙂 Do you often write haiku?

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          1. Perth.. I love that name. It is in my bucket list.
            I don’t write haiku’s too often, but I like to experiment with other forms that I have not used before 🙂

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          2. It is good to try different forms of poetry and you do it well. Perth is great if you like golden beaches, nature and hot summer days. Not much night life though! Best of luck with your blogging this year. TJ

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