Natural Balance

Helene Parish, of Life in Frame is a fellow Australian who has a wonderful eye for detail and shares my interests in photography and France. Do take a moment to visit her beautiful blog. You may like to share a post of your images of wildflowers from where you are in the big wide world as part of her “Wildflower Wednesday” challenge.



Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

CIRCLE 5 The Wildflowers of Australia are endlessly fascinating to me because by all that makes sense, such delicate things shouldn’t grow in Perth’s impossible conditions – sandy soil, scorching heat….these buds are more resilient than their appearance suggests! I took this photo at the Kings Park Wildflower Festival in 2015, the perfect circles creating a lovely balance. They were bright pink, but the lighting gave the perfect opportunity for me to make the jump to monochrome for my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge. Here’s the original in case there are some who prefer a technicolour experience…..

circle 6

Last week, there were a few contributions to Wednesday’s flowery event…..

TJ Paris – Once again bringing it home – these Geraldton Waxes are a fine example of the beauty of Australian wildflowers!

Remember, if you have some flowery images you’re proud of…

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