It’s too darn hot!

sun through the trees
The Aussie Sun blazing away. Don’t think the shade will help you!

A sweltering 39 degrees today (102 in the old money!) Naturally someone ran over all of the new sprinklers I had put in to replace the old sprinklers someone had run over and so had to replace them all again. Nothing like a face full of bore water at 7.00am trying to adjust the spray direction and then a giant fountain of water falling on my head when the whole sprinkler shot off. At least it was cool. I was lucky I didn’t lose an eye (or my head)!

I can see the headlines…”Fool loses head in idiotic attempt to fix own sprinkler system.”

Anyhoo! It is too darn hot and we are holding out to Saturday for a cool change.

At least it gives us an excuse to drink gin and tonics and experiment with margaritas.

Is there anyone out there who can actually tell me what the proper recipe for a margarita is? It seems there are huge numbers of variations out there all claiming to be it. It seems to have something to do with tequila, Cointreau and lime/lemon juice but after that anything seems to go. Please do share your recipe in the comments if you can shed any light on this mysterious beverage.

Hope you are at the temperature you like best!



  1. Can’t help you with the recipe – just to let you know that we’re also blistering away in the upper 30s and 40s! A friend was in the Kruger Park area for Xmas – 49 and no aircon!
    Pretoria today is predicted at 40 plus! Also expected to cool from Saturday.
    El-Nino or Global warming – or both? Ai!
    Interesting that Australia and South Africa experience the same – wonder about South America!

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    1. Many people from South Africa have moved to Perth as I think it is similar in climate (the animals are however a different matter) It hit 42 yesterday in the end here but it sound like you are winning in the “hot countries” stakes. At least you can understand the Southern Hemisphere perspective. Hope you have a wonderful new year! Best wishes! TJ

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      1. Yes, I believe Perth is a popular choice for people leaving SA! I think we only got to 38 yesterday – spent the afternoon watching the new James Bond in air-conditioned comfort! What a shock to the system stepping back into the ‘natural’ world! 🙂
        May you also enjoy an exciting and fulfilling 2016!

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  2. Oooh 39 degrees is way to hot TJ! I did laugh at your imagined headlines as regards to fixing your sprinkler system. How annoying tat someone keeps running them over! Still, a nice cool refreshing way to start your morning! 🙂


    1. It certainly woke me up. I am waiting for someone to invent rubber sprinklers that just compress when you run them over…not instantly crack. It actually it 42 yesterday. Cool change for tomorrow though. 🙂

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