French Friday – Tides


St Malo
A group of sea scouts paddle about the walls of St Malo where only a few hours before a beach and pool existed.

Votre seule cohérence est votre évolution.
Vous accrochais puis se retirèrent .
Laissant de doux souvenirs .
Mais avant de revenir “séparation est devenu doux chagrin ” .

This is an attempt in French and I would love any French speaker to correct it if it needs correcting. Here is the hoped for English translation.

Your only consistency is your changing.
You clung and then retreated.
Leaving sweet memories.
But before returning “parting became sweet sorrow”.

Coming as I do from provincial Perth where the notion of changing tides means that one is sometimes obliged to  move ones beach towel ever so slightly closer to the car-park meant that I was completely astonished by the tides on the Brittany coast.

A first walk about the walls of the town and I was delighted to snap this group of sea scouts braving the seas which at that time lapped against the walls of the city. I was intrigued by a peculiar projection.

St Malo
A group of sea scouts paddle about the walls of St Malo where only a few hours before a beach and pool existed.

A strange stair-like object can be seen far out in the water on the left.

When I returned several hours later this is what I saw.

St Malo Pool
Low tide in St Malo reveals a pool with a diving board and a lovely beach.

This inviting beach and deep ocean pool emerge several times a day and what was before apparently deep ocean transforms into a delightful water playground.

As we were escorting some students about the town at the time we did have to hurry them on as there were several ladies sunbathing topless and we couldn’t have the young lads looking at that sort of thing!….Very European!

Bon weekend mes amis and do feel free to share any links to your own French related posts at and time in the comment sections by clicking on the black speech bubble to access.


  1. As you observed TJ, the tidal range at the Western end of the. English Channel can be extreme, 6 metres/20 feet is not at all uncommon on both the French and British coasts. The tidal currants can be savage and brutal to the unwary and unaccustomed. On the plus side, the ever changing vista and power of the sea here never fails to impress me even though I see it most days.

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    1. I love our fine golden sand beaches to swim at but the variation from the tides and light is so spectacular in your corner of the world that I can see that it could never grow stale. Hope you have a great weekend. TJ


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