Lazy Sunday – Aussie Bush

blue hydrangea
A close up of one of the banks of Hydrangea that are in the grounds of Araluen in Perth

At last the heat broke today and after a visit to a market on the edge of town I saw a sign pointing up into the hills for “Rolystone” and thought I would see where this lead me.

Araluen Bridge
Cross the bridge from the traditional bush into the park

It basically led us deep into the hills that surround Perth and I and my youngest found ourselves at Araluen Park, a beautiful undulating garden nestled in a small valley in the Aussie bush. A stream runs through the centre of this rambling gem of a place, first set up in the 1930s by the “Young Australia League” which was an organisation promoting activities for…you guessed it…young Australians.

Araluen Orange Flower (Large)
A butterfly rests on a flower in this bed of oranges and reds

Anyway, if I had gone yesterday it would have been 102 degrees and intolerable but today it was deliciously cool and shady and surprisingly full of flowers that would have been burnt to a crisp anywhere else in Perth. We were practically alone as most people must have assumed that the garden would not be at its best.

Pink flower closeup (Large)
Pink flowers just coming into bloom by the stream

A great way to enjoy a lazy Sunday, finishing our several hours of strolling about with a hot chocolate in the quaint restaurant built in the 40s to represent, of all things, a Canadian Log Cabin.

Araluen Park
A view into the park from the hillside above

Hope you enjoy the shots I took with my trusty phone as I did not have my camera with me.

water lilies 5 (Large)
Hundreds of water lilies bloom in the “Memorial Pool” made by boys in the 1940s to remember those lost to war.

Hope you are having a Lazy Sunday!


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