The Little Things I Love

Vaux le vicomte roof detail
As I recall, I took this photo in a tiny ante-chamber at Vaux le Vicomte which turned out to be a 17th Century toilet. As a vulgar tourist remarked nearby… “What a way to go!”

The Little Things I Love

– It is too easy to let life get you down. The older I get the more I realise that people are wonderful, quirky, flawed and basically simple creatures that open themselves up for endless opportunities for laughter. A belly laugh about life’s absurdities or the delightful unrestrained giggle of a happy child are truly precious things. To be able to laugh at oneself is vital and to share a laugh based on good humor is the zest of daily life for me. To be able to make others laugh is a genuine gift.

Satsuma Pottery
This plate, only 20cm wide is most astonishingly beautiful piece of potter’s art. Thousand of individual gold lines have been painted around every outline after the individual colours have been fired to the surface. With no modern tools this 19th century Japanese wonder was a joy to find.

Handling Beautifully crafted things – That humans can take a lump of mud or some sand and fashion these into exquisite pottery or the most delicate glass is to me an endlessly fascinating thing. Too often we hear of the terrible destruction that humans can wreak on the world but there are also artistans who show that human talent and appreciation of beauty is evidence of the best parts of humanity. To have the chance to handle and use beautiful objects and appreciate the craftsman who fashioned them is an endless fascination to me.

Russian Cups
While not my most ambitious meal the Russian Porcelain tea cups made the tea taste better and the knitted tea cosy led to many a pleasant remark I can assure you!

Cooking for friends and family – We all eat but so many of us seem to treat food as something to be gobbled down in between more “important” things. There is a type of magic in taking raw ingredients and transforming them into something delicious to share. To sit with family or friends over a delicious meal enjoying the food, conversation and good cheer is one of the most joyful aspects of life for me. OK, what may have taken a while to prepare is gone in a few minutes and there are some dishes to do but the enjoyment of a well-cooked meal is worth the effort every time.

This worn out piano in the old Fremantle jail would be able to tell many tales I am sure. I myself have been know to play the entire slow movement of the Moonlight Sonata and still have several listeners awake at the end. Special moments.

Music – We live in a world where were are likely to hear music every day in Western cultures. It is easy to forget that before electrics the only chance to hear great music was at a concert or to physically produce the music yourself. Don’t take music for granted. It should never be just a background noise. I love the less “produced” music of the 30s and 40s, swing is the thing. Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Billy Holliday, Julie London, Peggy Lee. Yet again the fact that a human can drag a horse hair across a piece of stretched string or blow into a bent tube and produce something that makes the world stop and listen is a testament to the creative beauty of humanity.

jarrahdale lichen
When I asked a friend to comment on this recent photograph they remarked “I’m lichen what I see.” I am unlikely to see them again.

Glimpses of Nature – The sheer brilliance of a blue sky, the changing ocean, sunlight through the leaves of a tree or the rain drawing lines through the air – nature is an endlessly changing delight. The Patterns in the centre of a flower or the untamed ruggedness of the mountains floods the imagination with images. To wake up to the sound of birds calling or discover a strange creature living in your own back yard helps you appreciate your place in the world. (That is not to say that I am overly delighted that apparently there are thousands of dust mites living in our mattresses)

Japanese Nesting dolls
This is a representative group of my family and friends. They are less wooden but less accommodating when asked to pose for photographs.

Family and Friends – I love my family and friends most of all for so many reasons. To feel loved for who you are is something that sadly some cannot say they feel and this is a great tragedy. We all exist in this crazy world with our own private dreams, flaws and individual capacities for giving. Sharing yourself with another and taking the time to learn to appreciate, forgive, encourage, laugh and cry with another person is so important. Reaching out to people is hard. It takes time and effort and sometimes backfires, but if we don’t try to keep connections we contribute to a world where so many are lonely despite millions of people being just a click away.

Many thanks to the multilingual Duchesse d’Erat whose weekly Great Book of Lists Challenge inspired this post. You can check out other peoples list by following the link here.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic



  1. This was a wonderful post TJ. I also love the simple things in life, like humour, family,food, music and the beauty that is all around us. The difference being, I do not have as many beautiful photos in my collection as you do. I am working on it…! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much Judy. So glad you liked it and glad to hear you are working on your photos. I find I look at the world in much more detail having taken up photography. Hope you have a lovely remainder of the week which is flying by as usual.

      Liked by 1 person

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