French Friday – Motifs

Secret Way to Montmatre
My wonderful friend led me up this little known way to Montmartre where I took this shot. With its reputation of art and Bohemianism, Montmartre remains a wonderful place to visit, especially in the springtime.

It seems that there is a trend in Australia at the moment (perhaps elsewhere too) to buy or wear items with random French words on the front.

I can understand “l’amour” or “Bojour” but I wonder if people who are wandering about with “Parlez vous brunçh?” or “Va te faire foutre” have any idea what they are saying. (Apologies to French speakers for the last example but it was on a t-shirt I saw and the hipster guy wearing it did not appear to understand how offensive it was)

Paris is a city of different motifs – Love, Art, Culture. Their signs are everywhere. Freedom is another motif repeated through sculpture and printed in large letters on public buildings. I have yet to see a Liberté, égalité, fraternité t-shirt which to me would be far better than “Do you speak brunch?”

Montmartre is still wonderfully charming and, although we went in spring, only the main “art” section was bustling with people. A turn off the beaten tourist track and you can walk your was up to Montmartre through this little known way which leads you straight to the Sacre Coeur.

Do you have a story to share or an image to post that epitomises “Paris” to you?

Feel free to share your thoughts or post links in the comments section by clicking on the black speech bubble at the end of the post!

Bon weekend mes amis!



  1. After doing the ye ole Google translate, I understand what the offensive term basically means. I don’t which is worse, wearing a shirt oblivious to what is actually be said or wearing it knowing what it means. The latter is that terribly annoying “hipster” attitude of cynism and apathy (of which I was guilty in my teens — but not my twenties).

    My first visit to Paris when I was nineteen was spent right off St Germain Blvd near Notre Dame. So anything that reminds me of the Latin Quarter is what Paris is to me.

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    1. What a wonderful place to have spent some of your youth. I am hoping to spend a month or so later in the year in Paris near as I can to the Rue Mouffetard as I find that area so easy to live in. I agree with your assessment of the t-shirt. I found many of my own students revel in “rude” foreign words and then blurt them out in places where they are understood little realising how pathetic and inappropriate they sound. Ah…the youth of today!

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  2. Love the painter’s palette over the doorway. Thanks TJ for sharing the link of Paris in the past. Amazing photos. The Moulin Rouge caught my eye. Maybe because it gained popularity through the movie and was archived in my mindscape. Ha ha!

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    1. So glad you liked the photos. I was so grateful that someone put me onto the link. I am trying to get some of them put onto t-shirts to wear as they are so eye-catching and unique.

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