My 2016 Desires – TGBOL

Pont Neuf
Lamp base on the Pont Neuf I took in Paris in spring. The first true view of the city I had in my life after debouching from the Metro.


La duchesse d’Erat’s Great book of lists this week focuses on some of the desires you may have for 2016. These are from her post and I thing they would all be great desires to fulfill.

1/ Cook a new world food recipe each week.
(Last week was  sprawn & curry thaï soup, this week is going to be terriyaki chicken)

2/ Discover a new European capital city.

3/ Do another summer writing challenge.

4/ Enjoy each and every chapter of TGBOL, the participants, the contributions. Appreciate every second of the experience.

5/ Discover 10 writers.

6/ Sleep late on a Sunday morning (this hasn’t happened since 2012).

7/ Try a singing lesson.

8/ Do the « Wreck this journal experience » and blog about it.

For me I would love to fulfill the following desires

1. Spend a month or two in Paris.

Hôtel de Ville
Thanks from the city of Paris, a photo it took in 2011.

2. Finish my long incomplete children’s fantasy novel

pigeons transmigrified
Fancy a hollowed out cucumber stuffed with a pigeon? Then “Pigeons Transmogrified” is the recipe for you!

3. Begin a singing duo performing around Perth

Japanese Nesting Dolls (Large)
These pair of little Japanese wooden dolls I bought yesterday for just $2 each concealed a charming secret.

4. Cook a new recipe each week for the year

eggs speckled
What a miracle of engineering is an egg.

5. Get back into playing the piano regularly

This worn out piano in the old Fremantle jail would be able to tell many tales I am sure. I myself have been know to play the entire slow movement of the Moonlight Sonata and still have several listeners awake at the end. Special moments.

6. Put together a collection of short stories for possible publication

Lowenbraus On The High Seas
This charming family portrait was snapped on the deck of the “Scrofulous Sal”, one of the fleet of pleasure craft operated by Nine-Toed Cholmondeley (Proprietory Limited)

7. Find priceless treasures at the car boot sales

pearlware plate
No sooner had I arrived at the Oxford Antique Fair when I secured this 18th century chestnut basket dish for a mere two pounds.

8. Keep developing my photography

These little native Australian daisies bloom in profusion in September.

I am glad to see that the charming Duchesse does not use the term “New year’s resolutions” in this challenge as I am the sort of person who frets themselves if I start committing to things I don’t achieve so this list will do nicely and if some of them come about I will be quite chuffed…and if not, well there is always next year (or Karaoke). 🙂



  1. You have some great things on your list TJ. I agree that it is nicer to call them wishes than resolutions so there is not so much pressure. I wish you all the best in fulfilling your desires 🙂

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