French Friday

Stature in France (Large)
Where is? Who is it? Who made it? What does it mark? Taken in Autumn by me.

This is a first in an occasional French Friday post entitled “French Friday – Où est-ce?”

So for this inaugural post see if you can tell where is it. Naturally your fabulous prize will be….”The Joy of gloating to your Friends that you knew it and others didn’t na na na naa naaaa!”

Bonus “na na na naa naaas” for  anyone who can identify the subject, who carved it and why it is placed there.

Share your answers in the comments.

Bon Weekend Mes Amis!



    1. Thanks so much for sharing. I really loved your post and am now following. I can understand the poor chap’s perspective but as you suggest, I’m afraid I can’t agree. That is the amazing thing about Europe, each region is so remarkably different and people are passionately attached to their own environments. The location of this will be revealed next Friday so tune in if you are interested. Bon weekend! TJ


      1. Merci. 🙂 I always tune in for French Friday – although not necessarily on Friday! France actually is not my favourite country but your enthusiasm is quite infectious! And I, too, love Europe’s variety – despite the inevitable & constant squabbling – but then I’m European. 🙂

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