TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Wood

wood grain 2 (Large)
The early morning sun catches the wood grain in this eclectic collection of wooden objects

The wood grain captures

Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring

A smooth transition


Odds on we have some wood somewhere in the house. If it not holding up our roof or supporting our floor it is in a door or a frame or a cupboard. It is such a remarkable substance that we tend to take for granted. Share your haiku inspired by wood around your house this week.

About the objects

These are some wooden items I have about the place which I put on the floor in the early morning sunlight. The circular container with the silver inlay is made of mallee root (an incredibly dense Aussie timber with amazing grain). The box beneath is from Scotland, a modern nod to the Art Nouveau designer Charles Rennie Makintosh, the box marked “Odeurs” is a scent box from France made in the 1840’s. The coasters are Japanese and made by traditional craftsmen in the Hakone region. The cheeseboard is of oak and probably from the 1930s/40s. I am fond of the little oak mouse that is carved on the top.

Thanks to the wonderful contributors to last week’s challenge!

Lady Lee has reminded us of the fact that every day is our own with an accompanying photo of some very interesting calendars.

Thanks to Judy from Edwina’s episodes for two haiku this week. She seems to be afraid of Hawaii 50! Mind you, it was an awful show. Lovely haiku and a most entertaining post.

Kia from The Recovering Know it All has combined his great haiku with a fascinating post on the perception of experience. There are video links as well as some mind bending propositions. It is really worth a read so head on over.

Life Home and Away…A simple image with a deeply poignant pairing of haiku. Time and distance epitomised.

Olga from Stuff and What If has turned a simple calendar into a wonderful beach strewn with beautiful shells for her haiku photo this week. Lovely!

Tucked Into A Corner has been creating triplets of wonderful haiku for this challenge for a while now and I am delighted to report that the three for this week are as though provoking and well-crafted as ever. Enjoy!

Bastett had encapsulated the true haiku for in Haiku one. A perfect nod to nature.

How we mark our existence is explored in this masterly haiku from the virtual pen of Elusive Trope

Kat Myrman reminds us that it is that time of the year (or is it?) February 29th gets an overdue nod in this charming haiku.

And last but not least a very hearty welcome to Write-Walkabout joining the challenge for the first time with a great haiku about blank spaces full of potential. Thanks for joining the Challenge Crew! 🙂


If you would like to participate it couldn’t be easier! Just write your own haiku post inspired by the prompt and add a link to it in the comment section at the end of the post (just click on the black speech bubble to access comments) Add TJ’s Household Haiku
Challenge to your tag list to make it easier for people to find your post and “Bob’s your uncle!”




    1. A lovely haiku. We were given what I thought was a birdhouse for Christmas by some nature conscious friends who then informed us it was a house for ”Microbats”. Apparently they are around Perth but in 45 years I have never seen one or heard of them. You learn something new every day.

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      1. Microbats? just a little bigger than a quantum bat? personally I don’t like the idea of tiny bats I can’t see flying around. Now there’s the paranoid side of me that thinks it sounds like a half-bat half-machine created by the government to keep tabs on us. :0

        Liked by 1 person

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