Haiku – Sunset

Yacht at sunset
This little sailing craft travels towards the setting sun.

To the sinking sun

Wind trilling in the rigging

A final farewell


The sun’s final rays

Transformed by the ocean’s trill

Into golden notes


The prompts for this week’s Ronovan Writes weekly haiku challenge are “trill and final”

This is a photo I took on Sunday after feasting on fish, chips and tiger prawns at our favorite eatery. Summer sunset in Perth is wonderful when there are a few clouds. A perfect end to a wonderful day. Especially since I bought a huge resin pelican earlier on which gained me much attention. Read here if you want to see this impressive object and the thrilling tale behind it!


  1. Love your haiku duo. The first haiku is perfect for a tribute to the sailboat in the sunset, but the second haiku is perfect for the sunset itself. Hmmm! Great post!

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  2. Perfect Haiku for a fabulous photo!💚💛❤️💜💙
    I have fond memories of Australia. I live in the UK but visit my daughter and grandchildren in Sydney. Will be back for more!!

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    1. Thanks so very much for the lovely comment and so delighted you have fond memories of Australia (although it is of the other side of our wide brown land. Hope you get a chance to visit Australia again soon. Best wishes TJ


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