Mean Time

Westmister Abbey
A plane flies above the Gothic spires of the British House of Parliament

And as I,

in my metal tube,

Hurtled through the stratosphere

A scientific marvel,

Did ancient ghosts glance up,

and ask themselves in wonder?

“Didst the Angel of the Lord pass by?”

“Or perchance the devil?”

But I alas will never know

For before their thoughts had finished

I was hurtling over France.

PHOTO: I took this photo from the deck of a ferry as we returned from Greenwich and the light had begun to fade. The plane flying high above the darkling spires of the Houses of Parliament was a stark contrast that caught my eye.




  1. I am fascinated by spires–it disappoints me that “modern” churches have largely dispensed with them, perhaps due to the fact that many are mega-church auditoriums. Still, there should be a place for a spire, I say.

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    1. I thoroughly agree. All of the iconography associated with the cross shaped churches aligned East West and their spires soaring to heaven is such a part of Christian history. I know that we can worship anywhere but I do believe that spaces help turn your mind to God too.


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