French Friday – Rennes

rennes square 2 (Large)
I love how the buildings of Rennes are constructed to cope with the timbers they had available.

Right in the heart of the capital of Brittany is the old city centre of Rennes. A comfortable journey by train from St Malo and a quick trip on the Rennes metro and out you pop in a completely different time.

If you want to spend a few delightful hours wandering amongst the wattle and daub buildings of a bygone age where people built to fit the timber rather than the opposite then Rennes is for you. Still all being used, these buildings are amazing in their wonderful wonkiness and startling with their vivid paint.

I had what undoubtedly was the most delicious filled baguette I have had in my entire life there too.

Hope you enjoy this gallery of buildings that I photographed from ancient Rennes.

Rennes 1 (Large)Rennes 3 (Large)Rennes 26 (Large)Rennes funky munky best (Large)Rennes red doors (Large)Rennes square 1 (Large)Rennes2 (Large)Rennes5 (Large)Rennes9 (Large)Rennes derilict (Large)Rennes13 (Large)Rennes16 (Large)Rennes17 (Large)Rennes18fav (Large)Rennes19 (Large)Rennes23 (Large)Rennes30 (Large)Rennes



  1. Yes TJ Rennes is indeed very nice, once you battle your way past that wretched “Périphérique!” Though as you arrived by train, that is one pleasure that still awaits you, but next time you are there I’d be happy to show you what you missed!
    On second thoughts, I’ll come on the train with you!!!!

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    1. Most kind of you! I would love to go back again and am even prepared to risk the Périphérique! If I ever get the chance to pass that way again I will let you know. I am hoping to return to France later in the year but it will all depend on the shekels. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much. I loved your poem “Le Jour Sans” and given the poetic nature of the title I think the French is fine although Un Jour Sans means more “a day without” and Le Jour Sans more “Day Without” Funnily enough “Un Jour Sans” is the French name given to the French dubbed version of the movie “Groundhog Day” Hope you have a lovely weekend. TJ


      1. Thanks for checking back with me–I may have told you that I took Google’s translation to be more or less right. Since–in my poem–everyday is a/the day without (when speaking of dementia), I guess it’s okay as is. Thanks again, TJ–you have a lovely weekend too!

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          1. Well, you’re my go-to guy for French–I don’t usually risk using language I don’t know…this is an older poem I must have thought needed “something” 🙂

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