National Oyster Day



The amazing oyster beds of Cancale in Brittany. You can buy oysters by the dozen on the shore but beware! We all know what that can lead too!


Grandmamma and Grandpappa Lowenbrau, Little Wendy, Mother and The Danger Twins, all screamed in unison as Great Aunt Eunice jammed her foot onto the accelerator, careening around the corner, the gendarmerie in hot pursuit.

A lovely trip to Cancale to celebrate National Oyster Day ended abruptly when Great Aunt Eunice consumed two dozen oysters and propositioned three sailors, two policemen and a stray dachshund.

The family bundled her into the Duesenberg and fled the scene.

“Really Eunice! Slow down!” scolded Grandmamma as the car sped around another bend.

The danger twins tried to divert the police by throwing the wicker picnic basket at them, a loose fois gras hitting one on the head.

Eunice adjusted her driving goggles and went faster.

A camembert bespattered lawman loomed large in the mirror…

“I’m too young for the pokey!” sobbed Little Wendy.

Suddenly the police stopped, turned around, and vanished, leaving the family to drive back to St Malo unmolested.

It was 12.00pm and nothing keeps a Frenchman from his lunch.

“Well that is just typical” sighed Mother



Thanks to Ronovan of Ronovan Writes for his Friday Fiction Challenge and also Priceless Joy of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers for the ideas for this little story of 175 words. Another day in the life of the Lowenbrau Family. You can read more of their escapades by clicking HERE. The photo prompt from Priceless Joy below made me think of the sort of car I would expect Great Aunt Eunice to drive and the possible state it would end up in with her behind the wheel.

Photo above is supplied from Pixabay


      1. I’m so glad you did TJ! I thought it would make a cute photo prompt. I have one more of your photos that I plan on using on one of the future prompts. I am accepting new photos but I am hoping to get some with a little color in them, in case you have any you would like to share with us.

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    1. Raw oysters are definitely not my thing either. One person I know ate 3 dozen oysters in Cancale and I spent the whole rest of the coach trip worrying about them being violently ill. Yuck!


    1. Thanks again! I have fallen in love with Great Aunt Eunice I must confess. There is a little of my amazing God Mother who lived a very unconventional life at a time when most other women were firmly ensconced in the kitchen, like it or not.

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