Tuesday Textures

T1 Morning lines

Morning Lines – Pedestrian Bridge Morning

T2 Blue Black (Large)

Blue Black – grill and shadows

T3 Smoking bean (Large)

Prohibited death of a bean

T4 Oranges (Large)


T5 Primative instruction (Large)

Prehistoric bicyle

T6 Urban tracks (Large)

Urban tracks

T8 2 plus 1 equals three (Large)

Two plus one equals?

T7 The End (Large)

The End

This is a series of images I took walking to work today. I am becoming more and more interested in how light affects the look of mundane items and how the graphic qualities of function items have interest in themselves.

I would love to know what others think of these. Are they interesting? Are they boring? Do they have an appeal? Why?



9 thoughts on “Tuesday Textures

  1. I find them splendidly interesting. My aesthetics in photography leans heavy toward the mundane, with finding the “beauty” or the “resonating element” in the textures, lines and shades of color, both in the blending and the contrasting. The first two photos is a great examples of this. In “Two Plus One Equals?” there is a symmetry of color and pattern, but also of mystery – what is it? does it matter? with an intriguing title i might add.

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