Soundtrack of Your Life TGBOL

La duchesse d’Erat’s great book of list this week encourages devotees to reveal their favorite music. Here is my collection with links for those wanting to have a listen.

Henri Salvador singing Petite Fleur. A French friend of mine was scathing about this recently but I don’t care. I love the tune and the lyrics even though my friend called them facile and me an imbecile for liking it.

Julie London – Cry Me a River. If black and white film noir had a voice it would be Julie London’s. I must say (at the risk of scorn) that Michael Buble’s version is pretty damn good also but she owns this song.

Peggy Lee – pretty much anything but “Why don’t you do right?” takes the cake.

The velvet fog, Mel Torme singing “Comin Home Baby” so so cool.


Caravan Palace is a French Band who create “Electro Swing” a new combination of mixed old tunes with their own vocals and added accompaniments. I was delighted to go to a trendy “Pop Up Bar” the other day only to hear it being played as their background music. I impressed my middle aged companions no end when I told them what the band was.

Frank Sinatra – The Early Years. All or nothing at all is just a perfect croon song.

Billy Holiday – the very thought of you. Such a wonderful lady to succeed against all odds and a hard life as well as a voice of such a limited range. She just has a way of taking a tune and making it magic.

Nat King Cole – Mona Lisa. His beautiful voice is so unique. I am ashamed to say that when he visited Australia a long time ago that people who had fallen in love with his voice on the radio and flocked to see him were shocked to find he was not white and shunned him. A perfect example of the absolute irrationality of racism.

Finally…please don’t hate me…Doris Day. She actually has a truly remarkable voice of incredible pitch purity and control. Her rendition of Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps is something I really can’t get tired of.

The Great Book of Lists, chapter 2.3 : The soundtrack of your life


  1. Ah, classics. I love ol’ Blue Eyes. 🙂 You have excellent taste.

    Hey, just a technical note—if that’s not your personal picture (gems) don’t forget to give photo credit so you don’t get nabbed for using pics without permission. (“Photo Credit: Google” doesn’t count. I had to learn this one as well.) 😉

    The best place to get photos without getting myself in trouble: Flickr, under the “Creative Commons License” section. Sometimes selection is limited, but at least I don’t have to worry about getting sued, ha!

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    1. Thanks so much for the comment and great advice. ☺ I know how careful you have to be. The picture of the gems is my own as are pretty much all of the photos on my blog but I really appreciate the time you took to advise a fellow blogger. Thanks again and best wishes.Tj ☺

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  2. Great list, TJ! I do love Peggy Lee (for “Fever”) and agree with you about Julie London (also agree that Michael Buble does a fine job). I’d forgotten about “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”–so, thank you very much for a lovely reminder! I was unfamiliar with the unfortunate story about Nat King Cole–makes no sense whatsoever, does it!

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