TJ’s Household Haiku – Windowsill

Oxford Window Sill

Unlike Australia, Oxford seems to be relatively devoid of flies. This shot I took on a two week sojourn in Oxford.

What is that I see

Spinning on the window sill?

A fly break-dancing?

Welcome to TJ’s Household Haiku. Autumn at last in Perth Western Australia with less heat and less flies. Rude Britishers claim we have our Aussie accent due to the fact that we have to talk with our lips shut lest flies instantly buzz inside. Lies! All Lies! But the flies can get rather annoying at times. Thankfully the trusty can of “Mortein” dispatches the dreaded “blowies” providing you don’t mind inhaling deadly poison. At least it is now “odourless” according to the can.

Window sill could refer to the sill, what it is made of, what can be seen beyond, what is on it…whatever takes your fancy. You are welcome to use the image or thrill us with one of your own. It is all about sharing and having fun. Best wishes! TJ

Last week’s prompt was “Shadows” and it provoked some wonderful examples of light and shade.

First in this week is Kia of “The Recovering Know it All” sharing both a masterfully composed sequence of haiku and a personal reflection. Thanks Kia for both! 🙂

A lovely cascading haiku form from “Behind Distant Doors”. The use of the last line of the previous haiku to generate the first line of the next might be one you may like to try out. See how effective it can be here.

Tucked Into A Corner has injected an element of “noir” into this great set of shadowy haiku.

Shades of success are evident in this erudite haiku by the ever entertaining Judy of “Edwina’s Episodes”

Life Home and Away brooding in the shadows…a great set of images matched with most atmospheric haiku!

Kat of “Like Mercury Colliding” has a classic image of dread as the inspiration for her wonderful contribution this week.

And Monsieur Trope has wound up the collection with a great photo and a haiku that I suspect will speak to anyone who has every as a child had to hurry through dark places with the thoughts of lurking things in the dark at every corner.


Always love to see new entries and all you need to do is write your own haiku and put a link to it in the comments. I will feature it next week.




45 thoughts on “TJ’s Household Haiku – Windowsill

  1. Thanks for the lovely mention, and the new prompt–I LOVE it! I didn’t realize that, along with the murderous heat, you endured flied–oh my, that might be too much for me. And “odorless” deadly poison doesn’t sound like much of a benefit 🙂

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  5. Wonderful review TJ, thank you. I can’t get the image of a break-dancing fly out of my mind now! Oh, and I had never heard that you Aussies talked through clenched lips to avoid swallowing flies before!! Hysterical!! 🙂

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