Photography 101 Day 1 – Home

I signed up for Photograpy 101 which kicks off today. I then got all distracted and went out treasure hunting. A regency teapot, a rare Pilkington vase and a 17th century court cupboard later I have been rushing about in the twilight attempting to encapsulate the first prompt which is to take images which signify home.

This eclectic set is the result.

  1. Family – smiling through this 1920s pokerwork frame. Family is the most precious thing to me.
photo 101 family
Family peeks through this 1920’s frame.
  1. Flowers – our rambling garden is as close to an English country one as the boiling heat of Perth can allow us.
home flowers
One of the few flowers currently in the garden at the end of the winter.
  1. Food – making and sharing food is a big part of our family life. Good food, family and friends make life worth living.
photo 101 mandarin (Large)
Mandarins waiting to turn orange on our tree
  1. Fings – I collect. I collect lots of “fings”. Some people don’t always like the “fings” I collect but I keep collecting them. This is one of the “fings”.
Porcelain Flowers
These porcelain flowers on the side of a 19th century vase in the cupboard.
  1. Fun – Is a cactus fun? I don’t know. But I do know we all laughed eventually after one of the kids hugged one once. (after removing about 100 needles)
photo 101 cactus (Large)
Every home has it’s prickly moments. Being able to enjoy a good laugh in the face of adversity is essential.


Photography 101 – Prompt 1 Home


  1. A wonderful collection with awesome memories attached. The family photos are so special. I love the colours and detail in the close up of the “fing” The cactus is stunning but I cringed at the thought of the ill-fated hug!

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