Photography 101 – Street

Oxford street
This little lane weaving through Oxford tempts you to the past.

Today’s prompt is to create a shot of a street. This is a shot I took of a small lane in Oxford. It came out too bright so I tried editing it in black and white and this is the result.

Here is another Oxford street in colour. I tried to wander every street while I was there, just to enjoy the feeling of being all over this truly wonderful place.

Oxford Street
heading down to Magdalen College on a beautiful summer day in Oxford.




  1. They are both really cool. The textures and character of the color photo is inviting. And I appreciate the black and white editing. Making it look like a sketch, eh? Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks very much. I thought that the black and white did lend a sketchy air. I think purists don’t like people playing around with photos but it can produce unexpected perspectives. Hope your day is picture perfect! TJ

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