Photography 101 – Oxford Punts

Oxford Punts
Anyone care for a punt? A lovely summer’s day in Oxford near Magdalen College

These are two shots I took of a group of punts floating next to Magdalen College Oxford. The colours were charming and the peacefulness of the scene was completely beguiling. I later went up the rive on one with a friend which was less bucolic as I lost the pole and almost fell in.

Oxford punts
Same view but in portrait.



  1. Wonderful shots! If I was only allowed to pick one I would go for the horizontal shot. The boats in the foreground make a very good focal point while the photo is wide and establishes the scene. While the wall / bridge in the vertical foreground makes for interesting composition, I think it distracts a little from the overall scene. I hope someone got a shot of you almost falling in! Thanks for two great shots to compare and contrast!

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