Blissful Sunset

Sunset WA
Sunset WA
A Western Australian Sunset

Sunday and a stroll along the coast at our favorite spot in Fremantle, Western Australia. One of the joys of living on the west coast is to see the sun set over the ocean. As it is seldom crowded you get a wonderfully peaceful view of our hot Australian sun setting the clouds on fire.

Fremantle Western Australia
A yacht on the horizon and a last swim before sunset.
Fremantle Sunsets
The last rays set the horizon on fire
Fremantle Western Australia
A final glimpse before heading home.

Photography 101: Bliss
Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love


      1. I know you live in a different world of beaches and sunsets, but I had my first photo journey today since winter started and the lakes are starting to melt. I’m happy!

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