TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Cupboard

Court Cupboard 17th Century
If only this cupboard could talk. Just imagine what it might say?

I open the door

And see what WCE saw

three centuries ago

A second hand shop in the less salubrious suburb of Midland in Perth had a quantity of furniture at the back. There was this cupboard for $250. Now it is in a new home…Mine. This is an example of a “court cupboard” which was the precursor to the sideboard. It would have originally stored the tableware but alas there was no 17th Century pewter or silver inside.

It has been repaired so many times that every sort of nail from 17th Century handmade nails to prosaic present day versions stud it all over. It’s shelf has been replaced at some point but the top is a marvelous collection of gnarled oak planks, warped over time.

Who was WCE? All we can say it is likely he (or she) was married in 1678 just 12 years after the Great Fire of London. Charles II was on the throne in England and Louis XIV had just won a major battle in Europe. Pepys was busily writing his diary (when not leering after the servants) and Australia still had to wait another 110 years to be “discovered” by Captain Cook.

In America, Hugenot refugees set up the town of New Paltz in New York, little more than 55 years after the Mayflower made its famous journey.

How it has made a stop on its journey in Perth on the other side of the globe is part of the mystery, but I am very glad it did.


Many thanks to the contributors to last week’s prompt – “windowsill”

A gathering at the window from Annette Rochelle Aben, first in this week.

Light through glass birds and a wonderful cascading haiku.

Lady Lee Manila has a great collection of windowsill potential here.

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Nature in miniature on a windowsill from Tucked into a Corner. Wonderful.

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A salient haiku from the insightful Kat Myrman about the human need to sunlit and nature. Welcome back Kat!

And the every intriguing Elusive Trope is ablaze with imagery here.

A special mention to You Reader Me Jane who joined for the first time in response to the “Art” prompt. You can check out the great art and haiku here! Welcome Jane and hope to see you back this week! TJ




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