Disconnection of the old dials and lights in the old Fremantle Prison


Can the instruments, over-sensitive

Too susceptible to thoughtless pressure

Escape the damages of depression

And the breakages of gradual misuse?

Stop the red lights glowing in the night-time

Where only the darkness can restore light

By reconnecting the disconnected

And releasing them, blinking in sunshine

Each little indication, each flicker

A measurement of human happiness


Photo 101 prompt day 6 – Connect


  1. very interesting and sublime.
    how indeed can ‘instruments’ so sensitive avoid the occasion of depression and still stay ‘connected’ to what they measure? simple answer is that they can’t avoid the consequence of what they were made for. only by being unmade and disassembled. only to be re-purposed.can they be purposed again for a different happiness, one more worthy of their lights and life.
    even in changing there is pain. regret is the lingering reminder of a gauge which was once broken but now being renewed for a different life.


  2. Wow LOVE the poem. Absolutely amazing! The image makes more sense with poem.
    You showed a disconnection and a hope for connection. Great job.


    1. Thanks so much! A lazy holiday ended and back to the flood of work so have not had a lot of time to blog. The first rush is calming down a bit so hope to revisit my favorite challenges. Hope your year is going wonderfully well.


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