Vast Marshes

Mont St Michel, Brittany, France
Mont St Michel, Brittany, France
A view from the walls of Mont St Michel to the marshes that stretch out around along the Brittany coastline.
Mt StMichel in the distance
The Mont St Michel through the window of the coach.

The prompt for Photo 101 today is “Big”. You can’t get much better than the Mont St Michel for the sheer bravado of the medieval builders. Considering that they not only built this extraordinary edifice on a little rocky outcrop, but also did it in the middle of a huge and treacherous marsh, makes it all the more incredible.

The first picture was one I took looking down on the marshes from about two thirds of the way up the structure.

You can see the Mont St Michel for miles in the distance as you approach and if you zoom into the second photo you can just make out the glint of the white coaches parked at the base showing how immense it really is. I was pleased with the second photo which I snapped through the window of our coach for its peculiar pastel drawing quality.


  1. Wow I’ve always loved Mont St Michel in the photos! Very magical. Good to see the view from the inside. Didn’t know you were doing Photo 101 as well TJ! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much. It is a truly amazing place. Photo 101 is great fun and a chance to try something new or look at some of my images that I haven’t had a chance to use yet. Hope you are enjoying it too! Best wishes. TJ

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