Household Haiku and French Friday

Notre Dame Paris
The light in Notre Dame outlined the arches in flaming gold

The stalking light

No matter how hard I try

sneaks in through the cracks


“j’ai mal aux dents! Oooooh Mon Deiu!!” translation – I have a toothache! OMG!

This thrilling revelation partially explains why I have been tardy in my posting lately.

Today I am combining French Friday with Household Haiku and also Photo 101. This triple whammy will go part way to assuaging my guilt for my negligence.

Light is everywhere (except in the dark). It changes the nature of everything. The arches I photographed in Notre Dame were, at that moment, lit up by the afternoon sun which outlined them in gold.

Mont St Michel Cloister
The light floods in from the fairytale cloister at the top of the Mont St Michel

This is a shot of the fabulous cloister at the top of the Mont St Michel which took on a magical glow when photographed through the doors of the great hall. Perched atop the amazing structure this is truly an astonishing place to visit.


Vincennes Paris France
The Fairytale castle of Vincennes flooded with light

Lastly for this week a view of a window in the Chateau of Vincennes. This amazing Medieval Castle, just 1 metro ticket from Paris is so worth the visit. Here the light floods through the window and the only indication of the colour is the reflections on the shutters.

Last week’s prompt of “Cupboard” generated some very good haiku. Click here if you would like to see the 17th Century Cupboard which is now my cherished Cocktail Cabinet.

Azul starts us off this week with 3 sequenced haiku which makes be long to see her pantry.

Judy has encapsulated the horror that lurks in many of our cupboards. Written amidst the launch of her new book! Congratulations Judy!

Check out the haiku here

And the book here

Tucked into a corner has again nailed the prompt from many angles with these 3 great haiku!

Life Home and Away has also created 3 alternative views this week which I really enjoyed. Mishaps in storage land.

Philosophy and a fantastic image from Kat Myrman this week which strikes a chord for me as a compulsive collector. Great stuff!



Photo 101

Warmth & the Quality of Light




  1. I love your haiku, TJ, What an original thought, the light stalking you, very clever,
    Thank you for a wonderful review and it was so nice of you to mention my book too. I do hope that your toothache is soon gone too, and that you are feeling better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sending healing light to your aching mouth.. Thank you for the lovely photos and haiku… Pain does not appear to diminish your talents. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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