A Family Portrait – Lowenbrau Family

Eiffel Tower view to Montmartre with the seine in the foreground

A good Friday at home and a chance to write for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Friday Fiction for Ronovan Writes, Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge, Photo 101 and French Friday.

Eiffel Tower view to Montmartre with the seine in the foreground

View of Paris looking out to Sacre Coeur from the Eiffel Tower

A Family Portrait

It had been a wonderful week in Paris.  Grandmamma and Grandpappa Lowenbrau, Mother, Great Aunt Eunice, the Danger Twins and Little Wendy were spending the day atop the Eiffel Tower. Little Wendy noticed a peculiar, old fashioned photo booth in a hidden corner of the deuxième etage.

“Husband, we shall celebrate this moment with a likeness.” Grandmamma strode into the booth as Grandpappa inserted the required coins.

There was a loud flash and Grandamma emerged dressed as a queen dripping with diamonds and ermine.

“Grandmamma!” squealed little Wendy.

“Us next!” the Danger Twins bustled inside. A briilliant flash later and they emerged, one as an astronaut, the other a cowboy.

Wendy had already run inside and emerged a pink fairy.

Mother went inside and came out….as herself.

Grandpappa went in next. After the flash a small frog hopped out under the curtain.

“Ribbit” said Grandfather, and he meant it!

Great Aunt Eunice was last.

She emerged dressed in a black corset and high heeled boots carrying a riding crop.

“Well that is just typical.” Sighed mother.


175 words

photo booth


  1. Hahahaha! They all went into the photo booth and came out as something different except for Mother and she came out as herself. I really had to laugh at grandmamma’s outfit! A black corset and riding boots. LOL! Great story, TJ!


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