Light changes everything

hand made green glasses

A sudden frisson.

Was it the fresh Autumn breeze,

Or a lover’s touch?

hand made green glasses
A close up view of some hand made glasses transforms them into strange amorphous forms.

Light changes everything.

I was sure that this must be a quote. It popped into my head the other day. I have searched the internet and not found it. If you know if it has been said before then please let me know the source.

Yet is seems so obvious (quite literally so). The Impressionists worked it out. Objects only appear due to the light that they absorb or reflect. They change as the light moves, the colours deepen or lighten. An ocean can turn gold or a sky red. Crumple a piece of red velvet and look at it by candlelight and see how the ruby colours coruscate over the fabric. Or if you don’t have a piece of red velvet and a candle, try red wine in the lamplight. I once had a pair of blue tinted sunglasses which changed the whole world. Our language is coloured by light based analogies.

We often hear about “being a light for others”. I know I have been blessed to have many “bright” people in my life. They do exactly the same thing as actual light. They change what they shine upon, they “brighten” the moods and help people “shine”. They can bring others out of “darkness” and it is a joy to “bask in the light of their favour”. The “brilliant” raconteur or the “illuminated” scholar have their place. When we see red or feel blue, have a purple patch or are green with envy; when we are in the pink or a brown study, light is being invoked.

These are “Dark” times they say and if you succumb to the black and white horror of the tabloid news for enlightenment then things certainly look black. But there is light on the horizon. You have the potential to be a light for others, to brighten them up and help them shine. Most people accept that life is never black and white and say it is shades of grey. I would rather like to think that it has the potential to be beautiful shades of every colour of the rainbow. The only thing that decides this is what light you want to shine on it.

I hope you found this little diatribe elucidating.


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  1. Very enlightening…thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

    I’m currently reading a book that mentions people who see auras, the light energy that emanates from all living objects. Interesting to say the least, though is only touching on the subject in a larger context, it definitely has raised my curiosity on the subject.

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