Constantin Brâncuși: Bird in Space

Several forms of this iconic sculpture were made. These two are paired in the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra and make a striking photo. I was lucky enough to visit the gallery recently and enjoyed the surprising range of works including “Blue Poles” which was not anywhere near as blue as I had expected.

white and black marble versions of Constantin Brâncuși: Bird in Space Canberra

Constantin Brâncuși: Bird in Space


blue poles national gallery Australia

Two views of Blue poles by Jackson Pollock. Not everyone’s taste. I expected it to be a lot bluer. Plenty of paint for your money however.

Blue poles by Jackson Pollock upside down

Now here is the question. Is this the correct way up with a glimpse of the gallery ceiling cornice or is the first one correct with the glimpse of the gallery skirting board?


12 thoughts on “Pair

  1. Interesting question. I wouldn’t venture to say what’s correct but I marginally prefer the bottom one. I like photographing roses: some shots look like they might be better if they were rotated but we can see gravity at work in a rose, especially multi-petalled ones, so it never looks natural.

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  2. I will guess that the first one is the “correct” orientation. However, that could be because I am drawn a bit more that that one because it seems like it has more upward movement. Who knows what Pollock was thinking, but possibly the “blue” in his title refers to a mood rather than a color. BTW, I adore the Bird in Space sculptures. Beautiful lines. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

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    • Thank you for the lovely feedback. You are right! The first one is it. The “poles” are actually beep blue in real life. So delighted you liked the sculptures. They have such simple beauty.

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  3. It can be only the first orientation. Don’t you feel the blue poles going far into the sky ?
    And then the question : what are those blue poles ?…
    Yes, I love contemporary art 😉

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