TJ’s Household Haiku – Phone

That hideous thing

Turning us with each vile ring

Into Pavlov’s dogs

Telephone, phone,

Beware this instrument of torture! Boo hiss Mr Edison!

I cannot photograph this artistically. I have never been one to delight in blabbing for hours on this loathsome device, supersaturated with the stale breathings and greasy pawings of others and the Pavlovian response of instant dread when I hear the ring. As I get older I find the phone is usually going to ring for a few reasons only…

  1. Someone wants to sell me something
  2. Someone wants me to donate something
  3. Someone wants so scam me
  4. Someone wants to tell me something horrifying
  5. Someone has died

None of these outcomes endear me to the phone as you can well imagine.

Perhaps you have fonder attachments to this wonder of modern communication. Do not be put off by my fear of the object. I would love to know your own “connection” with the telephone in your life.

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Please feel free to join in by adding a link to your own haiku post inspired by the photo prompt. Always love to see new editions. You can check out some of the past challenges by clicking here



27 thoughts on “TJ’s Household Haiku – Phone

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. For all the reasons you’ve listed, I detest and despise it–in fact, I keep the ringer turned off so that, only if I see the caller ID shows a friendly voice, do I pick up; most calls go directly to voice mail…where I further ignore them. I am SO cranky! Great prompt though, TJ–and I love your haiku, especially the “vile” part. Perhaps I’ll take some of my ire out in haiku form… 🙂 PS–have you made the fudge yet?

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    • Thanks so much for your call – you have been placed in a queue and one of our friendly customer service personal will not respond. Please enjoy a music box playing “Greensleeves” until you hang up or go mad 🙂

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  3. HaHA! Oh TJ you made me laugh with your contempt of the phone and I loved, ‘supersaturated with the stale breathings and greasy pawings of others,’ That alone should be enough to put anyone off using the phone!!

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    • I have friends who do contact centre work and I have endless admiration for their patience in trying to help tetchy customers. Hope you have a week of lovely calls. 🙂


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