Lazy Sunday – Premonition

Swan River Perth with black swans
Swan River Perth with black swans
A flock of black swans with Perth City in the distance.


It’s happening again
That certain feeling…
Vibrations in the ether

I feel a vision coming on

Of toil and hardship
Of endless struggle
And sudden confrontations

Some say I am psychic,
Others, visionary.
All I know is that I can predict…

Without a shadow of a doubt…

That tomorrow…

Will be Monday.

Do not be fooled by this charming scene. The stately flock of swans embellishing the river’s edge, the limpid waters of the lazy river flowing lugubriously to the ocean of brilliant aquamarine, the slumbering metropolis twinkling in the morning light like a row of crystal stalagmites…
Tomorrow is Monday!!!!! Aaaargh!!!
It has just past 12.00am in Perth Western Australia and I can almost feel the planet spinning on its unstoppable rotation towards the inevitable.
Now that I only have half the day left before my body passes out, only to awaken to the familiar radio voice telling everyone of the latest disasters, I have to make the most of my few remaining hours.
And now I have started yawning! Oh nooo!
If I nap then I loose several more precious hours!
If I maybe just try one of those “Power naps” I will refresh myself and then I can do something like go for a swim at the beach or paint or perhaps cook something delicious.
Yes…I will try that…and finish this post with the exiting details of my afternoon.
7.30pm – Just woke up….damn!


  1. “Vibrations in the ether” – what a great line! I feel that too! (They say I am psychic, too,) Dear friend, I would suggest that you get a better alarm clock. Do not awaken to news of disasters! Find nice music, a soundtrack of the ocean, or a gentle gong. Anything but disasters. But my psychic powers tell me you just added that in for literary effect. See, you sparked a response in me! 🙂 May your Monday be interesting.

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    1. Thanks so much for the advice which is most timely. I have changed my station so that misery is not the first thing I hear. Just started work in Perth and ready for anything! Hope your week goes swimmingly 🙂

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