French Friday

St Malo with a Vaubon fortress in the background

It’s Vendredi!

St Malo with a Vaubon fortress in the background
St Malo with adjustments to recreate an old faded photo.

I am bereft! The program I use to tidy up my photos is no longer available. It was wonderfully easy to use and free. Naturally Google bought up the company and now has replaced my beloved “Picasa” with “Google Photos” which does none of the things I used to be able to do at the click of a button.

I am now trying to learn how to use which is nowhere near as techno friendly but it can produce many more interesting treatments. By bleaching out this photo using an Ortonish plug-in I installed into the effect folder which I found through the support forums it produced the effect of an old faced photo which I thought was rather cool.

I now need to have a good lie down after coming to grips with what on earth plug-ins are and the amount of time it took me to get to this point compared to my normal tidy up and post.

Have you got any less typical or “arty” shots of France to share. Add a link to your photo post in the comments!

Bon weekend mes amis!


    1. Picasa was just perfect for me. I don’t like to mess with photos too much but a little straightening, cropping and balancing was an absolute breeze. Now it takes ages. I am getting more and more afraid of Google. 🙂

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