Vanished Pomps NaPoWriMo

Les Invalides Paris in springtime


Another humdrum day

Les Invalides Paris in springtime
Les Invalides – I was contemplating buying it for a summer getaway but they just wouldn’t agree to shift Napoleon’s tomb.

My one flamingo and my first bear.

Alcoholic consequences and

a most hilarious funeral.

The charm of the camp and the peculiarities of Pertrograd Balls.

Terrible personal experiences in the circus…

At dawn in a Finnish forest…

An imperial duck catching party

Evenings with Wagner,

The Maharajah’s mother and

The delightful blue stockings of Petrograd.

Just a day like any other.


A poem composed from chapter titles in volume 2 of Lord Frederic’s memoirs “Vanished Pomps”.

I was just commiserating with a fellow blogger about the sorry state of the world and then came upon the prompt du jour of NaPoWriMo, which is to use indexes of books to generate a poem.

Overwhelmed with the success of my “book spine” poem (I got some likes!), where I was able to compose a counterblast to modern culture using only one shelf of my vast collection of erudite tomes, I have now turned to that quintessential voice of the late Victorian/Edwardian era, Lord Frederic Hamilton for inspiration.

Lord Frederic Who? I hear you ask.

This astonishing personage was one of at least 11 children who all existed at the apogee of the British Empire, contributing their fair share to politics of the time. (His father was, among other things, the Governor General of Ireland.

Anyhoo, Lord Frederic joined the diplomatic corps and then proceed to travel the globe, attending every court of Europe before they fell before the ravages of revolution and then went on to India, South America, Japan and Canada, where he introduced skiing, amongst other things.

All of this is recorded in his delightful memoirs (in 3 volumes), for he had a great sense of humour, and his memoirs sold in the hundreds of thousands in the 20’s and 30’s. Now for some odd reason he is no longer read. True, he did like shooting anything that moved, (a memorable incident involving a flamingo is a case in point), but aside from this unfortunate propensity, the rest of his reminiscences are fascinating.

So thank you Lord Hamilton, for endless hours of entertainment, and a chance to write a poem based on his intriguing chapter titles.


  1. You have an extraordinary wit which must make you a hit, amid any circle a treasured fit, most welcome to sit–or stand and regale on demand. Sorry–delirium has taken me away…. 🙂


    1. Dear Azul (if you are still out there) I found a comment of yours (and a most lovely one at that) in my spam! (Shock! Horror!) no idea why it went there but so sorry I missed it!


    1. Thanks so much and also for the follow! You can usually find them for not much secondhand as there are a lot of them about. If you are looking for a glimpse into a different time with many weird and wonderful asides then they are worth it if you can get them for not too much! Very best wishes and hope you find some other things to enjoy here in the future. TJ 🙂


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