Life is too short to eat Kale.

For NaPoWriMo day 13 – Cheap advice from fortune cookies (or opinionated health-obsessed friends).

Cafe Gourmand, Versailles France
This delightful Cafe Gourmand I enjoyed in a garden in Versailles. Kale just simply does not have a chance.

I see that you are eating cake?

Is this quite wise my bosom friend?

Resist it now for your health’s sake,

Or you may meet a sticky end.


For every day I take great pains

And to the health store, many trips

Just Super Foods and ancient grains

Are all that ever pass my lips.


Well, “are you free?”, I hear you say.

I’d love to come, but alas, no.

I’ve got the marathon today…

The channel swim; a week or so.


But if you are about at dawn,

We love to cycle ‘neath the stars,

Tight Lycra shorts are all that’s worn.

We never ride with amateurs.


What? It that wine? It can’t be true!

I thought you so much more than this!

Defile your temple thus?…poor you.

You have my pity…not my kiss.


You have to go? Oh what a shame,

I so enjoyed our little talk.

A parting hint in friendship’s name…

Why don’t you leave your car…and walk.


High Tea
This is my idea of proper eating. Not some repulsive grains and a free range nut.

I am growing tired of endlessly hearing about “healthy living”. The current trend of toning the body to Greek god like proportions does not strike me as a healthy pursuit but more as an unhealthy obsession.

The people who direct all their energies towards the goal of living to some ridiculous old age only to spend their entire lives denying themselves anything remotely pleasurable, for fear of the negative impact on their magnificent bods, makes me weep.

While I do not intend deliberately to eat and drink myself into an early grave, I will certainly not hesitate to enjoy the good things in life if they come my way. I would much rather share a cup of wine and a rich meal with friends than throw a dampener on any gathering by declaring at the start that I am only eating salad, or make acid remarks throughout the meal about the torments that the chicken endured before ending up on my horrified dinner companion’s plate.

Life, is for living and at some point it must end. What a waste to wallow in a pool of tears or throw up our hands in horror when something pleasurable comes our way. We know the world can be a horrible place at times but I can’t see any benefit in adding my self-indulgent tears to an ocean already overflowing with grief.

If I can’t change the world, then at least I can try to change my little tiny part of it. I can be a friend, I can try to be a listener, I can try to lighten the moments with laughter and conversation, share a meal and I can look for opportunities to be kind where I can. We can all do these things. We can also be “joy black holes”, sucking the joy out of life (ours and others). I know what I would rather be.

Observe the healthy snack which came with the aperitif prior to a luxurious dinner  in St Malo. Kale! Phooey!

A store of lovely memories that will last you a lifetime is far more wonderful than six-pack abs, which, no matter how hard you try, won’t. So to live a little you have to spend a little. A little of your time, your heart or your wealth. But I would rather be a little on the chubby side with friends and happy memories than live to 99 alone on water and organically grown kale.





  1. Okay, so what if I put the kale INTO the mac and cheese? What if I use my ancient grains to make that triple layer birthday cake? Can you really taste that I used tofu to make that rich, yummy frosting? Come ,eat with me richly, creatively and happily! 🙂

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    1. When you express it so I feel ashamed to have spoken disparagingly. Please forgive! The post is really about those who make a stunt of these foods and you are certainly not such a person, obviously loving the yummy things in life using great ingredients in a creative way. I love tofu by the way and am prepared to be convinced about kale.

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      1. Oh I take NO offense… I live in a household of people who do NOT eat as I do. The place is loaded with sugar-filled items, and they are consumed constantly. Me? well, I am the b-o-r-i-n-g one. No drinking, smoking or sugar. However I WAS a huge proponent of all at one time. Please allow me to enjoy the vicarious thrill of your take on it all. That makes me smile and feel right at home. Tofu, you say? I knew I liked you… 🙂

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        1. Being a Japanese teacher and travelling to Japan often means I have had the good fortune to enjoy many delicious (and healthy) alternatives to Western food. It is all about the experience for me. If it is well prepared and tastes yummy, I am your man. My only bad experience with Tofu was a Kyoto delicacy made from “bleached tofu skins” which I still don’t quite know what that meant. It was an acquired taste.


  2. While I do love kale, it’s flavour and also for being winter hardy in the garden, it’s best served aside a big ole pile of buttered up mash potatoes, gravy, and a chunk of meat. Fitness goals are great, but starving, not so much. Cheers!

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  3. We are absolutely on the same boat! What bothers me even more is that the people I know, from my surroundings and daily life, that ‘gift’ these remarks, often shame people who are barely making ends meet for not buying overpriced, healthy foods.
    I agree with you completely, I would rather enjoy a nice meal and a glass of wine in good company, then torture myself to meet anyone’s, including my own, beauty standards or what not. I want to be happy and at peace.

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    1. I am with you there! I have no problem with people enjoying the foods they love, we all have different tastes, but the issue is when others try to shame you for enjoying your life your own way. Life is not easy and I can’t see any reason to add extra layers of torment trying to meet the totally unrealistic expectations of modern “beauty”. “Be happy in your own skin” as my Grandma used to say. Peace and happiness are far better goals than six pack abs. 🙂

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  4. I would say “Bravo”, but my mouth is so full–and not with kale! I LOVE your point of view, as I agree with it completely. Life is passing by those folks who have lost all sense of balance in their race against Death–and if they paid attention, I suspect their friends and family have dropped out, leaving him/her alone. It’s a sad commentary–and honestly, I feel like banging my head against something hard when I hear tales of someone who’s lived the healthy life (to the extreme), and their friends/family act totally shocked when they die of “something/anything”. What did they think??!! There’s no cure, no guarantee–no one’s getting out alive! Now please excuse me while I go warm up my delish homemade mac and cheese…guaranteed to put another roll around my waist and harden more arteries 🙂

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    1. I think there is an element of the old religious fanatics about some of these people. Living in a cave, wearing hair shirts and eating locusts (or what ever cave living hermits ate). Some lived to astonishing ages, but what for? I agree with you about the bizarre astonishment when someone “fit” dies. The number of “fit” people who I know who have died young proves how fickle death is. It makes no distinction. It is like they didn’t deserve to die because they devoted so much time to health, where as someone who smoked or was “overweight! The HORROR!” dies young and they say, “Well he did smoke or it is not surprising given their weight”. No one “deserves” to die. It is just the reality we all have to accept.


      1. You are SO right, TJ. Two coaches from my high school died very young from heart attacks–one was the wrestling coach, and the track coach ran every single day! I say, be as happy as you can, and do as much good as you can–don’t waste a day before you die.

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