Contradictions – NaPoWriMo

The challenge is to write a poem that incorporate the idea of “doubles”. This is my contribution.

marble sculpture
In Hakone Outdoor Museum figures emerge from a single huge block of marble. How is love formed I wonder?

If you know the ins and outs of my heart

The comings and goings of my thoughts

Then you might know the unknowable things

That I try so hard to keep hidden

When I am in the light


The twist of fate that leads me directly

The turn of the corner that keeps me straight

I struggle to yield

Clinging to the letting go

And my future is trapped in my past


But if my ties were unbound

And the safes of my soul unlocked

Then I would risk the greatest hate

For love.


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I would love to publish something but have to get up the courage to put it out there to publishers. I am going on a long trip to Europe later in the year and something might come of that…we’ll see! Anyway, you are wonderfully kind and I hope your weekend is a magical one.TJ

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      1. I am certain of two things, that this will, indeed, be a magical weekend and also, that you shall enjoy your long trip! Regarding publishing… do it yourself! Be your OWN publisher. You can do it.

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        1. I have just been enjoying listening to one of your pod casts on attitudes of gratitude. Very inspiring. Can you let me know how to access your latest posts as when I try to access your page it goes to the welcome page but I can’t see where your latest posts are. Am I missing something?

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          1. Thank you for the listen, and I am happy you are enjoying the podcasts. Are you referring to my blog? Gosh, I am not sure how to direct you to the latest posts… I know that people who follow via email receive an email when I post anything. How do I know this? Because I follow my blog and I receive those emails…

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          2. I may well receive the e-mails but I seldom look at my e-mail. I have grown to hate e-mail due to work but I will definitely keep coming back to your blog. Is there some sort of widget you can add that directs people to the latest post from the welcome page?

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  1. I will have to look into that… Totally understand about the email thing, there are days I open mine and sit there for a moment thinking, “Really? Really?” Then I plow through them.

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