Earth and other Insignificancies

Mount Fuji Hipster
The very power of the Earth is phenomenal. How can we be arrogant in light of our place in the universe?


If the sky were not so blue

And we could see what truly lies

Out beyond our atmosphere,

Would we be so vain, so proud?

Could we be so arrogant,

If all we saw was endless space

And realised this tiny speck

Spinning round a tiny star

Imbedded in a glalaxy

Was but a minute moment

And our concerns a moment’ s moment

Lost within the infinite?


But our sky of vivid blue

Convinces us that we are safe

Within a sphere of influence

And that our actions all have weight

And specific gravity.

And so we toil and fret and live

As if the very universe

Depended on our actions

When we are like a butterfly

Beating back the wind.


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