Buttered Up!

Clock at old parliament house Canberra

The sebaceous speeches of oleaginous import,

The unctuous kisses of mewling infants,

The lubricious handshake,

The odious unguents,

The grease,

The oil,

The Politician

Clock at old parliament house Canberra
These clock are found all around Old Parliament House in Canberra. A bell rang and the green light lit up to remind the pollies to race back to the chamber.

It’s time for the old political circus to start in Australia. Babies will be kissed, handshakes will abound. The honeyed words will start to pour forth (tempered with a fair quantity of vitriol I have no doubt). Soon the country will be awash with lubricating oil as we commence the big slide to the polling booths.

Day 24 NaPoWriMo – Use unusual words



  1. Excellent poem, apt description–we’re in the USA’s version of political grease too, oily mud. I’m reminded of another movie must-see, if you’re not familiar with it; it’s not new, but fabulous–and includes a short bit about a community election: “Danny Deckchair”.

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  2. I pray you don’t have to suffer through any Clinton or Trump candidate. It’s the first time in my life I am truly worried about the future of America.


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