Summer revelations

Port Beach Western Australia


Port Beach Western Australia

A typical day at the beach in Western Australia. The soft white sandstone sand and the brilliant light is always attractive. The sharks and the Jellyfish are no deterrent. Port Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia

Why are you so vain

When only fishes can see

Your diamonds and pearls?


Every Aussie loves the beach but you can’t afford to be vain if you want to enjoy a swim. Modern swim costumes are only kind to the few. I am glad to say that I have discovered my unsightly muffin top gives me a buoyancy that I little dreamed of in my svelte youth.

In response to Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Season

Here is another haiku based on Ronovan’s prompt for the week “Diamonds and Pearls”.


The foolish women

Flutter to diamonds and pearls

Like moths to the moon

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 23 – Season


        1. It must be an Australianism. We all say it here. “It’s gunna be a bit blowy today mate so I’m goin to get out me wind surfer.” We are renowned for our beautifully articulate speech!


          1. The Australian colloquialisms are very entertaining–IF one can understand the speaker 🙂 When their speech is too rapid, I’m lost 🙂 I’ll bet there’s a list, if I Google it, to “learn to speak Australian”. “Blowy” is just so fun!!

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          2. We do have a very distinctive Aussie “drawl”. I have never thought of blowy as unusual but now you mention it, it is rather quaint. This is different from “Blowie” which is any sort of big fly that plagues us during summer. I suppose “There’s a blowie in the kitchen” wouldn’t mean much to most non-Australians.


          3. Ahh, good to know, lest I use the term incorrectly–horrors! I had a fly (not sure if it was a Blowie) buzzing around the other evening–tried to trap him between window blind and glass…hours later, found him drowned in the sink. Go figure!

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    1. Thanks so much! I think that is why most Australians are pretty laid back and straightforward. It is too good a climate to obsess about layers of clothing and appearance. (unless you live in Melbourne)

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  1. What a beautiful beach, TJ. Love that you’ve combined both Ronovan’s haiku and my photo challenge (that he’s hosting for me this week) together. Bathing trunks are a thing of the past for me now. I stick to swim shorts although can’t swim, so only paddle in the water.

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