TJ’s Household Haiku – Rainbow

Rainbow and spectrum
Rainbow and spectrum
A rainbow on the way to work.

To rain or not to?

This difficult question left

The light divided

Welcome to this week’s Haiku Challenge. We always love to see new people joining in so if you would like to have me feature your own Haiku inspired by the prompt “Rainbow” then just write a post on your blog and share a link in the comment section at the end of this post (press the black speech bubble to activate comments)

I have had some excellent ideas for future prompts which I will start using from next week. Any new object ideas are always appreciated.

Rainbows are not regular household objects but we do see them now and again. As we don’t get much rain in Perth, seeing one is rather special. Hope you can come up with a rainbow related haiku to share.


Last week the prompt was “Paper Knife” which stumped a few. It is not perhaps the most common household object but it did produce some very clever haiku.

Ritu has us guessing in number one place this week about what exciting prospects a new page offers.

Judy of Edwina’s Episodes wields the knife with a purpose in these two haiku

An incisive haiku from Life Home and Away coupled with an interesting reflection on the nature of relationships.ย

Jane of You Reader, Me Jane has a cutting haiku matched with an intriguing image. Glad also to note that she is a user of paper knives!





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