Whale Bones – Australia

Exmouth Western Australia, whale skeleton
Exmouth Western Australia, whale skeleton
The huge spine of the whale amongst the unforgiving rocks

Along our rugged North Western coastline the terrain can become very harsh and unforgiving. We came upon the bones of a whale that had washed up on the rocks and had been bleached white by the sun. The huge vertebrae looked surreal amongst the rock. Nothing but the sea, the land and the sound of the hot wind blowing through the spinifex.

Whale vertebrae on the West Coast of Australia.
One of the massive vertebrae. You can just make out my footprint underneath.

We had seen Whales breaching on the horizon the day before from the top of the ranges. What happened to this whale? We will never know.

Whale remains Western Australia
The coast here is a jagged mass of fossilized coral. These bones will probably be gone once the winter waves beat high upon the shore.


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