TJ’s Household Haiku

Pouffe in Indian Fabric

What next! First our phone line crashes, then the modem dies, now we have had a blackout for the last 6 hours! Is it Internet Armageddon?

Pouffe in Indian Fabric
This Indian footstool brings an exotic element into our living room.


Welcome to TJ’s Household Hakiu Challenge!

This week’s prompt “footstool” was suggested by Annette Rochelle Aben. Many thanks Annette!

In the desert sands

Swaying palms and elephants

There beneath my feet

If you have a funky footstool or precious pouffe you would like to share then add a link to your post in the comments below (just press the little black speech bubble to comment)

The last prompt “Rainbow” produced some colorful entries.

4 Lovely haiku from Lady Lee Manila

Ritu of “But I Smile Anyway” has two lovely shots of rainbows and excellent poems to match.

Judy of Edwina’s Episode has a wonderful recipe for a rainbow.

The Covenant Arc from the Breathtaking Castle. A lovely sequence.

Tucked into a corner has woven rainbows with great skill

Welcome back after a little hiatus to Elusive Trope with a wonder haiku and a reflection of childhood with the Wizard of Oz in attendance.

Kia from the Recovering Know it All has again combined a wonderful haiku with a thought provoking reflection on the diversity of relationships and the wonder of love.

Life Home and Away has encapsulated the promises of rainbows

Kat Myrman has recalled for us the Viking legends in this wonderful haiku and image





  1. Oh, I LOVE your footstool and thank you for mentioning me here. I am glad that I had a idea to contribute. NOW, comes the question… shall I too, be able to haiku this???? (stay tuned for further developments) nothing like self imposed pressure, eh? 🙂


  2. So…the “J” in TJ–is it Job?? Here’s one way to look at it–perhaps you’re getting the whole year’s worth of grief in one illustrious package–and then you can put your feet up on that marvelous footstool (love it!) and cruise merrily through the remaining months/seasons 🙂 We can always hope : LOVE your haiku!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh listen, you don’t have to explain/justify to this gal! The things that drive me crazy would only cause quizzical looks from people with “real” problems around the world….but in my little corner, and having to battle them solo, they qualify as a Big Deal 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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