Gotta Love Retro – Flying Bomb

argus previewer and two "flying bomb" batteries
argus previewer and two "flying bomb" batteries
These two batteries do not fill one with confidence that they can be used with safety. The Argus preViewer slide viewer sits behind. Love the font!

There is something very appealing about items from the past that were once an everyday item but now have no real use. I love the space age design ethic of the 1950s where mundane objects took on sleek and metallic forms.

I found a slide viewer in its original box at a car boot sale. Now some younger readers may have never seen or used such a thing but I recall turning on the little screen to suddenly see a slide appear in colour.

When I opened this one up I discovered its original batteries. These were astonishing for two reasons…

  1. They had not leaked despite being over 40 years old
  2. The brand name was “Flying Bomb” with a most disturbing image on the side.

Maybe I am just a little squeamish, but I don’t think these batteries would sell very well today. I am amazed they sold at the time.

I looked them up on the net and now it seems the batteries themselves are desirable collectible items on the “vintage” market. Go figure!


  1. Hey, I’ve still got a slide viewer! For years I’ve been planning to scan all my slides into my computer but it’s a longer job than I ever imagined as I have thousands. My trusty little slide viewer is essential in helping me occasionally sort out a slide I need to illustrate something. My batteries are up to date, however.

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    1. There is something about slides I still love. The simplicity of the viewers is a great example of what technology meant in another time. Hope you get your slides sorted! Thanks so much for stopping by. TJ 🙂


          1. Haha! We have something here called ric rac, not sure if it is a universal item. That seems to be the thing to add to give a vintage look.


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